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Good news for growers as Solacure Flower Power UVR8 Lamps, distributed exclusively by FDP Wholesale, hit the UK shops in September this year.

Words like “game changer” don’t fully do Solacure justice. This is unlike any grow room lighting you’ve ever experienced, offering a completely unique spectrum of light not found in normal grow lights, and having an extremely interesting effect on plant physiology. Intrigued by the claims made by Solacure’s owner, FDP approached with a healthy dose of scepticism, doing its own research into the science behind it, as well as conducting trails with the help of some of the UK’s most respected growers. The results were astounding, and we’ll follow up this blog with an abbreviated report of our customer feedback forms at a later date.

But for now, to help you better understand the ins and outs of Solacure’s products, Hydromag interviewed Dennis Brown; owner and inventor of Solacure Horticultural UV Lights. In the interview he discusses his origins in the tanning industry, the birth of Solacure, reflector technology, the importance of glass, and why pink and burgundy aren’t the same colour (just read it)!

Read about Dennis from Solacure on the Hydromag website

There’s a great follow up article at Hydromag that delves a little deeper on the subject of UV and Solacure products through the link below. It explains everything you might need to know including how:

  • Flower Power’s built-in reflector directs all emitted light to the plants, increasing lamp output by 35%-50%.
  • Flower Power produces the entire UVA/B spectrum, triggering the UVR8 protein responsible for initialising the plant stress response (crucial for the production of trichomes and resins).
  • Flower Power is significantly stronger than other UV lights, kills all types of mildew and mould, and also kills insects.
Read about Solacure UV Lamps on the Hydromag website

Coming soon

They do grow a little different in the good old US of A, and although you can get the standard Solacure fixtures now from FDP (more suitable for grow rooms over 1.2m in width and depth), we’ll be releasing our own UK version designed for use in smaller rooms and 1.2m grow tents.

View the Solacure website here

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