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From Stinking Bishop to your bog-standard Bree – it stinks. Tasty as Hell, but boy does it pong. Never mind the lingering stink on anything it shares the fridge with. Forget the wafts of stank every time you enter the kitchen. Just driving home from the shops with it is enough to put you off your dinner. Doesn’t matter how much cling film you wrap it in, that ripe little ripper will reek to high heaven until a good while after you’ve polished it off.

That’s where Zip Zag Brand Bags come in. Whatever you put inside one, no matter how pungent, the aroma stays safely sealed inside.

You’d be forgiven for doubting me; you’ve used grip seal bags before and they really didn’t make that much difference, right? Hard to see how this one could be any different. Well, there’s a good reason Zip Zag Brand bags dominate the North American market, and an equally good reason why on first sight it might not be immediately obvious.

The Beauty of Simplicity.

To the untrained eye, Zig Zag Brand bags may look like any other off the shelf supermarket brand bag. It’s only once you start using them that you can truly appreciate the products unique properties.

Most grip seal bags are throwaway items. They’re made of the cheapest possible plastic that splits and runs with barely a nudge, they’re often flimsy and hard to handle and you can ‘seal’ them a couple of times at most. There’s a less obvious concern too in that they’re often laminated with glues that aren’t food safe and can potentially gas off into your product. The one quality that lesser brands all seem to share is that they’re unreliable, especially when it comes to locking in aroma and freshness of their contents.

The Also Rans

Small wonder then that people go to such great lengths to find alternatives. Plastic buckets are popular- the lids fit nice and tight the first time but they’re fiddly to open after a handful of uses. How many piles of buckets can you stomach knocking about the place? A large case Zip Zag Brand Bag, capable of holding hundreds of kilos, can be carried home from the store under your arm and kept in your kitchen draw until you need them.

Of course, there are glass clip lock jars- very trendy indeed. Hardly practical on a large scale though, not exactly cheap either and there’s a good reason glass hasn’t been the ‘go-to’ for a good hundred years. Maybe you’re a fan of iron shut foil pouches? Great if you have time to iron them all shut; not so great if you’re on the other end trying to open them.

The Zip Zag Brand Bag can be open and closed time and time again and with exactly the same result, a 100% airtight seal with no chance of any leaks. Your customers will certainly thank you for that!

Designed for Purpose

Got an old faithful grip seal bag that you’ve used time and again? Congratulations, you’ve tea-leafed a Zip Zag Brand bag. As well as being reusable and dishwasher safe, Zip Zag Brand bags use no laminated plastic and no glues. They’re made of 100% food grade, puncture resistant materials and feature a silky-smooth zip lock that can take over 100kg of external pressure without bursting. If that’s not enough, the outer is heat sealer ready for the ultimate security in transit.

Late to The Party?

So why has it taken so long for Zip Zag Brand Bags to arrive in the UK? Well, really that is a testament to the company itself.
Often a company will enter a new market by slapping their brand on a local company’s product. Zip-Zag chose instead to maintain their exacting standards by waiting until such a time as they could increase production themselves without compromising the high level of quality they are recognised for. Fortunately, that time is now.

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