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With the introduction of the new website, we’ve also introduced a new stockist page. If you’re a member of the public and you’re looking for a product listed on our website, please use the stockists page and call ahead to check their stock and avoid disappointment.

Stores; are you on and up to date?

We’re having a purge of our stores list. We constantly try to keep our stores list up-to-date, visiting and calling stores to make sure the information we have is correct. If you find the information on our website is incorrect, please let us know and we’ll update it immediately.

We recommend that you. Check

  • Are you listed on the website?
  • Have you got multiple stores, are they listed?
  • Are all the details correct? (Address, phone number etc)
  • If your website address and email on the listing?

Take advantage of the stockists locator on the new FDP Wholesale website to increase your online visibility.

The values, opinions and practises of stockists listed on the FDP Wholesale do not represented the values of FDP Wholesale and / or it’s brand partners.