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Fat Man

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Kahn Climate Control

Fat Man

28K - 32-34 x 600w

Product code: 06105

Kahn climate control unit are bespoke designed, off the shelf fully automatic climate control units designed specifically for use in indoor gardens / grow rooms.

RRP £7,999.00

Suitable for grow rooms with up to 21.6KW’s of HID lighting. (36x 600w Grow Lights)

  • Night and day cooling or heating
  • Cool up to 34 x 600w lights on single phase power supply
  • Inverter Technology ensures low amperage draw and accurate temperature maintenance
  • Silent running condenser. The ONLY noise is from the air passing through. Will not cause a nuisance to neighbours
  • Integral Active Carbon Filters to keep air handler free from airborne contaminants
  • Plug and play – no engineers required
  • Supplied with fast fit flexible rubber hoses
  • Supplied with standard Fabric Air- Distribution system attaches directly to airhandler