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LED-X 900W

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Adjusta-Watt LED

LED-X 900W

Product code: 06343

Adjusta-Watt® LED-X™ are highly efficient, high performance, full-spectrum LED grow lights, designed for high PPF close proximity cultivation and areas with restricted headroom.

Experience optimal growth rates, high yields and superior quality, whilst consuming a fraction of the power of HID equivalents.  

The optimisation of the Sol-Digital™ Xv2 Driver by Inventronics, and industry-leading ultra-high-end PPE & PPF chipsets, delivers uncompromising performance and reliability.

The Sol-Digital™ Xv2 Driver gently drives the LEDs to optimise the lifespan of the fixture and improve spectral output. 

The LED-X™ produces virtually no heat. This reduces ventilation and HVAC requirements, further reducing operational costs.

Evenly spaced lightbars create a uniform spread of light, avoiding ‘hotspots’ and creating uniform growth patterns. 

Integral drivers and folding design make transport and assembly easy and convenient.

With manual dimming dial, and connection for Bluetooth Adjusta-Watt® Controller or Adjusta-Watt® Central Controller, or master controller. No extra modules are required.

3D PAR Light Maps

Our 3D PPFD PAR light maps show the light intensity provided by the fixture at different hanging heights…