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Mighty Bloom Enhancer

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Mighty Bloom Enhancer

Bloom Booster

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Mighty Bloom Enhancer nutrient additive is used during the flowering period in all types of hydroponic, soil and coco based systems.
Availability: 1Ltr, 5Ltr and 10Ltr.

RRP From £27.65

Developed specifically to increase your crop’s yield potential, Mighty Bloom Enhancer gives flowering plants exactly what they need to excel and build weight. Mighty Bloom Enhancer encourages more female flowering sites, heavier fruit and even works as a hardener. Use with Head Masta to further improve flavours, aromas and the overall quality of your crop.

Might Bloom Enhancer 1ltr – 06136 – RRP £27.65

Might Bloom Enhancer 5ltr – 06137 – RRP £104.30

Might Bloom Enhancer 10ltr – 06138 – RRP £182.40

  • Increases solid to water ratio for a hard and dense finish
  • Massive increases to dry flower weight
  • Increases female flowering sites
  • PGR Free

N:0 | P:20 | K:22

Shake well before use. Use 1ml/L throughout flowering period. Stop using base nutrients and increase to 5-7ml/L through week 6 to 7, then resume your normal program. Works in conjunction with Head Masta.

Available Phosphate (P2O2)… 15%
Soluble Potash (K2O)… 18%

DERIVED FROM: Potassium hydroxide and Mono Potassium Phosphate.