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Spotless Concentrate

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Spotless Concentrate

Spotless Concentrate

Product code: See "Variants"

Safe, non toxic spray that can be used right up to last day of harvest
Availability: 20ml, 100ml and 500ml.

RRP From £15.40

A blend of natural, essential oils that will keep plants SPOTLESS with no risk of chemical resistance.

Spotless Concentrate 20ml -06143 – £14.05

Spotless Concentrate 100ml -06144 – £50.75

Spotless Concentrate 500ml -06145 – £189.25

Shake well before use. Add 20mls of Spotless Concentrate per 1ltr of water. Made up spray should be shaken well before each use. Using a coarse sized droplet, spray entire plant, paying particular attention to undersides of leaves. Repeat every 5-7days as required.